St Gabriel’s Catholic Primary School After School Clubs

Out of School Provision This Term

The following clubs are provided until 4:30 pm, for a cost of £1.50 per session, per child. Clubs are changed on a termly basis. The following clubs will run from 26th February until 22nd March 2018.


  • Bench Ball (All year groups)
  • Art Through Colour (All year groups)
  • Board Games (All year groups)


  • Gymnastics (All year groups)
  • Netball (Year 2 and up)
  • Disney Change For Life (All year groups)


  • Fitness Training (KS2 girls only)
  • Spring Crafts (All year groups)
  • Board Games (All year groups)


  • Football (KS2 Only)
  • Theatre Club (All year groups)
  • Construction Club (All year groups)


  • Dodgeball (All year groups)
  • Construction Through Lego (All year groups)
  • Bug Club (All year groups)

Munch Bunch, an extended provision, is in place from 4:30 – 5:00 pm. The cost of this is a further £1.50 and children will be provided with a snack tea.

Please note: ALL clubs are limited to 20 places, allocated on a first come, first served basis, in line with the After School Club policy.  In cases where clubs are full, an alternative club will be offered where available, but this not always be possible.  Children are required to complete one Golden Mile before each club session, weather permitting.

“I love going to after school club because it is fun and I can do lots of different activities.” Macie Kusper, Year 4.

After School Club Policy

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