Art & Design Curriculum

The Arts, including Design and Technology

At St Gabriel’s Art and Design is taught through 3 creative weeks in the year. Children also have the opportunity to develop their art skills within other areas of the curriculum; History and Geography.

Children have the opportunity to learn about famous Artists, both male and female, and use their work as examples and stimuli for their own projects. Our curriculum looks to engage, inspire and challenge pupils, equipping them with knowledge and skills to confidently and openly produce their own works of art and design.

In Key Stage 1, children are taught to use a wide variety of materials to help them creatively design products. Whilst doing this, the children will begin to develop their use of artistic technique such as: colour, texture, shape and space. The children will then be expected to begin using this vocabulary to compare the works of famous artists, craft makers and designers.

In Key Stage 2, the children have the opportunity to keep a sketch book in which they can research the focus artist, develop their skills that they have learnt, annotate their work and comment constructively on their peers work and develop ideas ready for their final piece of artwork. Throughout Key Stage 2, the children will continue to master the skills previously covered whilst using a wider variety of materials for example, pencil, charcoal, paint, clay.



For our first creative week of the year we looked at the Artist Frida Kahlo. The children spent the week focusing on each facial feature and developing their drawing skills. By the end of the week all children produced a self-portrait, many children also created colourful backgrounds that were inspired by Frida Kahlo. Here are some examples from each year group.




2017-18 art and design image 1
2017-18 art and design image 2
2017-18 art and design image 3
2017-18 art and design image 4
2017-18 art and design image 5
2017-18 art and design image 6

1.Van Gogh - As part of KS2 Creative week we focused on the artist Vincent Van Gogh with each year group looking at a different painting. This is Year 3 recreating 'Road with Cypress and Star'.

2. Year one created their own wrapping paper by printing with potatoes.  

3. As part of Year 3's Topic they created cave paintings using charcoal.

4.and 5. Year 2 used chalk to create 'moving pictures' for Christmas.

6. As part of Year 3's Topic they created cave paintings, they made their own paints using different berries and painted with their fingers.


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