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Early Years planning

In Early Years we provide opportunities to plan using the Learning Challenge principles and use an enquiry based learning approach.

Teachers and learners use a prime challenge expressed as a question as a starting points for blocks of learning. Using information gained from children’s ages and stages through observations, children’s interests and children’s next steps, practitioners plan primary learning challenges. Early Years staff ensure that the prime learning questions provide a balance across specific and prime areas and cover all seven areas of learning. Important cultural events are also woven into the long term question overview. Early Years Prime Learning challenges will vary in length ranging from shorter enquiry units of 2 weeks to longer investigations lasting up to six weeks.

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Reception and Pre-school really enjoy exploring in their outdoor environment!

Reception have continued to practice and develop their knowledge of sounds by playing games with the hoops and beanbags. They have also been practicing their letter formation as their write simple CVC words. 

Pre-school have enjoyed practicing counting the number of spots on the dice and enjoyed jumping on the number mats, counting in order to 10.

Pre-school and Reception both really enjoy construction and make a range of real life models including trains, cars and most recently, Santa's sleigh!

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