Geography Curriculum

History and Geography

History and Geography curriculum is planned using the National Curriculum relevant to each phase and is supplemented by Learning Challenges which use an enquiry based approach to develop both knowledge skills and understanding in both areas. Each unit of work is divided into Key Driver questions and the children explore further subsidiary questions in order to meet their learning objectives for the unit.


Through geography lessons, children are encouraged to develop their skills through undertaking fieldwork trips, using globes, maps, atlases, photographs and artefacts to develop their knowledge and understanding of places both locally and throughout the world. Children are also encouraged to learn about their environment and environmental changes that are taking place both locally and worldwide.


Year One and Mr Hatton enjoyed a trip around the local area to find the physical and human features.

Year 1 Long Term Plan

Year 2 Long Term Plan

Year 3 Long Term Plan

Year 4 Long Term Plan

Year 5 Long Term Plan

Year 6 Long Term Plan


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