History Curriculum

History and Geography

History and Geography curriculum is planned using the National Curriculum relevant to each phase and is supplemented by Learning Challenges which use an enquiry based approach to develop both knowledge skills and understanding in both areas. Each unit of work is divided into Key Driver questions and the children explore further subsidiary questions in order to meet their learning objectives for the unit.


We encourage and create opportunities for our children to explore the past by looking at evidence and considering informed opinion by using primary sources. We aim to bring history to life and to instil a desire to find out about our predecessors. We organise a number of visits to places of interest and have a wide range of historical artefacts that we use with the children.

Year 3

Designing Bronze Age jewellery and interviewing the discoverer of Skara Brae.


Year 2

Class 5's Remembrance day assembly & visiting the Cenotaph.

Year 3

Who first lived in Britain? Topic displays for Class' 7 and 8.


Class 10 

Remembrance Day

Photographs of history alive visitor, who brought in artefacts from World War Two to further the children's understanding of what life was like during this period.