Maths Curriculum


At St. Gabriel’s, we aim to make the children confident mathematicians through:

  • Daily counting practice
  • Daily recall of basic number facts, which we call ‘Learn Its’.  In EY and KS1 these facts are addition facts and doubles.  From Year 2 to Year 6 Learn Its become increasingly focused on times tables.
  • Teaching mental calculation strategies
  • Providing the children with opportunities to become fluent with an objective before applying their knowledge to reasoning and problem solving questions.

In Maths, we have taken the National Curriculum objectives and mapped them out for each year group. The medium term plan has been designed so that there is a flow of objectives and opportunities for objectives to be revisited in a variety of contexts. For example, children may be taught addition as a discrete unit of work, but will be able to reapply these through topics on measure, statistics, money and reasoning with word problems.  However, this is a working document and can be adapted by staff to suit the needs of their current cohort.  To reflect the content of the new curriculum, we have an emphasis on number and calculation.

All children will be taught the objectives for their own year group, unless they are identified as SEND children working below their year group expectations; in which case the teacher will use previous year group objectives to fulfil individual needs.  Teachers will use a variety of methods to ensure that children achieve their year group expectations, such as: pre-teaching of an objective or intervention groups.

Long Term Plan

Medium Term Plans Year 1

Medium Term Plans Year 2

Medium Term Plans Year 3

Medium Term Plans Year 4

Medium Term Plans Year 5

Medium Term Plans Year 6


'Learn Its'

A guide to what each year group will be working towards learning in Maths, please click on your child's year group ...

Reception                     Year 1                                  Year2

Year 3                           Year 4                                  Year 5

Year 6



Calculation Policy 2018/19 

EYFS Addition

EYFS Subtraction


Mental Calculation Pre School

Mental Calculation Reception

Mental Calculation Year 1

Mental Calculation Year 2

Mental Calculation Year 3

Mental Calculation Year 4

Mental Calculation Year 5

Mental Calculation Year 6



In continuous provision, Pre-school have been comparing groups of objects, saying which has more and which has fewer. They have used coins, bricks and construction materials.   Children have also learnt all about the number one and enjoyed trying to find the number all over the classroom.



Here are Year 1 making different amounts of money using 1p, 2p and 5p coins.


Outdoor Maths



Cross curricular Maths with Spanish


Class 7 - Playing a racing game with column subtraction


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