Maths Curriculum


At St. Gabriel’s, we aim to make maths exciting and challenging. Children enjoy learning basic facts, through the ‘Number Fun’ and ‘Percy Parker’ songs used in all classes throughout school. We also use board games, stile tiles, online games and other resources to engage the children and help them acquire mathematical facts.

In maths we have taken the National Curriculum objectives and mapped them out for each year group. The medium term plan has been designed so that there is a flow of objectives and opportunities for objectives to be revisited in a variety of contexts. For example, children may be taught addition as a discrete unit of work, but will be able to reapply these through topics on measure, statistics, money and reasoning with word problems. Opportunities for teaching application and reasoning should be planned into each unit of work. All children will be taught the objectives for their own year group, unless they are identified as SEND children working below their year group expectations; in which case the teacher will use previous year group objectives to fulfil individual needs.


Year 1 Medium Term Plan

Year 2 Medium Term Plan

Year 3 Medium Term Plan

Year 4 Medium Term Plan

Year 5 Medium Term Plan

Year 6 Medium Term Plan


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