Music Curriculum


At St Gabriel’s, we believe that all children should be inspired by music and that every pupil has the right to an outstanding music education. We recognise that good quality music education contributes considerable musical and non-musical benefits to pupils, parents and wider communities. We aim for children to develop a love of music, developing intrinsic musical skill, knowledge and understanding.

In addition, music encourages and assists thinking skills such as information processing, reasoning, enquiring and evaluation. Music offers opportunities to develop attitudes and attributes that enhance life skills and that can also support learning in other subject areas e.g. listening, the ability to concentrate, creativity, intuition, aesthetic sensitivity, perseverance, self-confidence and empathy towards each other.

We ensure that pupils from all backgrounds enjoy sustained opportunities through regular classroom work and that music-making is for all abilities. This is complemented by additional tuition, partnerships and extracurricular activities.


Music Curriculum KS1

Music Curriculum KS2

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