PSHE Curriculum

Personal, Social and Health Education

A great deal of the PSHE curriculum is covered through the work in Religious Education. However this is not subject based but based rather on the whole school ethos and atmosphere.

Aspects of Health education and Health promotion appear in several different subject areas but mainly through PE and Science.

Aspects of safety are also delivered via a cross curricular approach and themed weeks. Parents are invited to school or informed by the Friday note on the aspects of safety being covered.

Weekly Collective Worship themes focus on developing the School’s Core Values, they focus on friendships and how we develop positive relationships with each other. We have Prefects who take on responsibility for supporting others in school and a school council which has been selected through a democratic voting system.

Themed days are planned throughout the year to address the British Values.









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During Family time we have been learning about how to keep healthy by learning about the different food types and different exercises we can do.



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