Religious Education Curriculum

Come and See

Come and See is the diocese programme of study in delivering Religious Education at St Gabriel’s. Each term has three themes and throughout the year there are opportunities to learn about other religions including; Judaism and Sikhism. 

Come and See is a core subject and is therefore given a priority in terms of timetable with Key Stage 2 children receiving 2.5 hours of the subject weekly and Key Stage 1 being taught RE for 2 hours 15 minutes weekly.

Collective Worship is separate to the RE subject and is given specific times on the timetable daily. However, it is linked to the Weekly themes to develop the School’s Core Values and can also make links with the Come and See programme of study.

Children are involved in the planning of the rejoice sessions and the driver words used in the learning objectives allow children to reflect on their learning and achievements.

Come and See Autumn Overview - download here

Here are some of our classroom displays:

Classroom display example 1
Classroom display example 2
Classroom display example 3
Classroom display example 4
Classroom display example 5
Classroom display example 6
Classroom display example 7
Classroom display example 8



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