St Gabriel’s Catholic Primary School Attendance

Attendance and Punctuality

At St Gabriel’s we place a high value on being punctual and having good attendance.  Every child in school is made aware of the importance of this through Friday assemblies, and via the Friday Note.

Improving the attendance and therefore life chances of the children in school is the joint responsibility of parents and school.  We recognise good attendance is essential for pupils to maximise their achievements and attainment in school.  We believe working together in partnership will ensure children are most likely to achieve their full potential.

Our policy has been devised with the safety and welfare of all the children at the heart of it.  Both we, as a school, and parents need to know where the children are during the school day so keeping school informed on a daily basis is vital.

Arriving at School on time

 The school operates a phased entry into school.  At 8.45am the external doors are opened and children and parents welcomed by their class teacher and teaching assistant.  The external doors will close at 8.55am.

If your child arrives after this time they must report to reception with their parents/carers.

In the event of needing to keep your child off school or you are running late please:

  • Ring school before 8.45am on 01942 769712.  Leave a message with the office staff or on the answer phone giving
  • Your child’s name
  • Your child’s class
  • Reason for absence or lateness
  • Expected date of return or the time your child will be in school.

If you fail to inform the school, the Pastoral Team will try to make contact via text messages or phone call.  If the Pastoral Team cannot make contact then they will make a home visit.

Education Penalty Notice - Code of ConductDownload PDF here

Warning LetterDownload PDF here

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