St Gabriel’s Catholic Primary School Pre School Pupils

Hi and welcome to our Pre-school page!

Our teachers in Pre-school are:

Miss Corkin & Miss Hart 


Pre-school is the first step of your child’s school journey! Children will begin their journey the term after they have turned three years old, therefore children are able to start either in September, January or April. We encourage children to start their journey sooner rather than later, so they can establish routines and boundaries in preparation for their Reception year.

We offer children a very fun, stimulating environment both indoors and outdoors, providing opportunities for children to learn and develop through structured play. Children are able to develop their key areas of learning including, social skills, communication and language and physical skills. Additionally, children will begin to develop phonic and basic writing skills as well as number skills. We are very lucky to be provided with a Speech Therapist who comes to work with our children every Wednesday. She works with small groups of children to develop children’s basic understanding and expressive language.

Pre-school begin their Autumn term welcoming new starters and learning is based around an ‘Ourselves’ themed topic. Children talk about who they are, what they look like and who they live with at home. We enjoy painting self-portraits and looking at family photos. We then enjoy the theme of ‘Colours’ and ‘People who help us’ and usually get a visit from the Firefighters and their fire engine! We end the term by performing in our first Nativity performance where our family come to watch!

During Spring term, we usually welcome more new starters into Pre-school. Our themes for Spring term vary. We enjoy learning new Nursery rhymes, how the seasons and weather change, traditional tales and growth. Our growth topic can be very exciting with a visit from the Butterflies and the Chicks! We try to read a range of repeating refrain stories including Jack and the beanstalk.

Our final Summer term is very exciting! We have sports day, which usually involves our annual sponsored “Big Toddle”, graduation and our end of school trip! We had an amazing time last year at Toyfields and cannot wait to visit Smithills Farm this year! Our Graduation ceremony is always lovely to see how much progress has been made by all children and a very emotional part of the year for familes!

Please continue to offer support to your children by adding postcards to Orbit or by sending WOW sheets into school. Any evidence will help support your child’s tracking through nursery.

Library sessions: Wednesday’s 9.00-9.30 and 2.30-3.00

Come and listen to a story and see what they have been learning in the week!

Thank you for all your support.

Miss Corkin & Miss Hart

Please take a look at our Newsletters...  These are now sent home weekly via SeeSaw along with other messages and photographs of your children learning throughout the working day.

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Please remember that parents who qualify for 30 hours funding to renew their eligibility every term.


Pre-school gallery 2018/19Text Box: Autumn 2
This term we will be learning all about: ‘People who help us,’ ‘Colours,’ and ‘Christmas.’ During this term we will be going on an autumn walk, be visited by the Fire Service and will take a visit to the post office to post our letters to Father Christmas! Additionally, your child will also take part in their first Nativity performance at the end of the term.

Text Box: Week 1
Pre-school enjoyed learning about how the Fire Service can help us. We enjoyed playing with the fire station small world and used the spray bottles to pretend to put out fires. We had a visit from the Fire service and enjoyed looking at the different tools that firefighters use as well as having a turn at using the hose!



Text Box: Week 2
Pre-school enjoyed learning about how the Police can help us. We had a special visit from PC Ryan who showed us what Police officers wear and how they help people. Our number of the week was number 1 and we enjoyed pretending to be Police officers and tried to find the number 1! This week we also had a visit from the Owls! We were very brave and stroked the owls gently. Their feathers were very soft! 

Text Box: Week 3
Pre-school enjoyed learning about Doctors and Dentists. We talked about the importance of looking after our teeth and that we must go to see a doctor if we are unwell. We enjoyed pretending to be the doctor, nurse and patient. We used syringes in the water tray, pretending to give medicine to people who were poorly. We started celebrating ‘Wonderful Wednesday’ by making banana milkshake!








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