St Gabriel’s Catholic Primary School Year 2 Pupils

Hello and welcome to Year 2.

Our class teachers are:

Class 4 - Miss Taylor, Mrs Davidson

Class 5 - Mrs Rowley, Mrs Hogan


Key Stage 1 Support - Mrs Wright, Mrs Nicholson


Year 2 is a very exciting year as children take on lots more responsibility being the oldest pupils in Key Stage One.

Year 2 is also a very important year when children sit the SATs tests during the month of May.  Please do not book holidays in May.

Although SATs are formal tests, we aim to prepare children throughout the year so that when the time comes to sit the ‘real’ tests children are confident and happy with the situation as they have had lots of practice and it is a normal activity to them. We just ask that children are in school for the duration of May unless they are poorly.

We fit a lot of learning into our year but do so by covering exciting and interesting topics.

We will be finding out all about how we grow and the life-cycles of other animals, including ourselves. We explore what a healthy diet looks like and how we need to take care of our personal hygiene like washing hands. We also explore plants, how seeds disperse and why some trees are green all year round. We explore habitats of animals and test a range of materials to find the most suited material for different products.

We go back in time to life 100 years ago, exploring how people lived and how it compares to life now. We learn about World War 1 and why we must remember. We take part in Leigh’s Remembrance parade and lay a hand-made wreath on the cenotaph. We explore the different continents of the world and the seven seas. We compare where we live to a home in South Africa and explore the life of Nelson Mandela.

We read a range of interesting and exciting books. We are able to fluently read and talk about books we have listened to. This then leads itself into our writing where we learn about and use a range of genres, including non-chronological reports, recounts, stories and poetry. We explore maths in a fun and practical way before moving onto mental strategies.

We like to invite visitors into school including a Victorian teacher, Under the Sea explorer and Zulu dancers.

We hope your child really enjoys their time in Year 2 as much as we enjoy teaching them.

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Mrs Leech.

General Information

PE days are Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon.

All reading diaries need signing at least 5 times a week and should be in school on a Thursday to be changed.

Homework is sent home on a Friday returned by the following week.

Photo Gallery


Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and children that represented our school so well on Remembrance Sunday at the parade through Leigh.   The children demonstrated our Core Value of Respect and made all the teachers that were there very proud. 

Well done to Scarlett and Arran for laying the wreath created by Class 5. 


Class 5 have achieved their marble reward for the first time this year!   Well done!

We had a great time playing with lots of different toys and games.    We are working towards a 'pop up' cinema treat (DVD, popcorn and drink) 


Year 2 had a great week during Creative Week. 

We researched the artist Frida Kahlo and then developed our own self portraits ensuring we had positioned facial features in the correct place. We took a walk around our pop up art gallery and discussed what we liked about each others work. 

We also had great fun learning the song London's burning. 


Class 5 performed beautifully in their class assembly about Remembrance Day.  Mrs Leech was very proud!   We enjoyed spending time with our families back in class and showing them all the amazing work we have been doing. 


Attached are photos from our trip to Portland Basin.   We had a brilliant time finding out about life 100 years ago.   Mr Goodwill; our time travelling teacher, was very strict and taught us the three Rs.     Thomas -  Mr Goodwill's twin brother, made us work hard for our money in the grand house. 



Class 5 have been busy learning about numbers and place value....


Year 2 love reading together....


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