St Gabriel’s Catholic Primary School Year 3 and 4 Pupils

Hello and a warm welcome to Year 3 and 4

Our class teachers are:

Class 7 - Mrs Hughes, Mrs Harris, Mrs Hunt, Mrs Hogan


Class 8 - Mr Hibbert, Mrs Huxley, Mrs Riley


Welcome to the learning journey for year 3 and 4.

In Maths our year will start by revising place value. The children will need to read, write and order numbers up to one thousand or ten thousand in year 4. After, place value we will concentrate on the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Once we have secured this we will then move onto learning about fractions, time, shape and different measurements. Throughout each Maths topic the children will complete challenge work to secure and further their knowledge.

In English, we will cover a variety of genres including recounts, reports, explanations, persuasion and narrative. We will link these genres to a hook which could be through our topic, guided reading, a class novel or a video extract. Within each unit we will cover a range of punctuation and grammar needed for the year group.

In our topic lessons, we will begin by looking at Continents before focusing on a specific country which we will then learn about further. In our history lessons we will begin with Roman lessons focusing on chronology and their impact on Britain. From this we will move onto Anglo-Saxons and Vikings again looking at their historical backgrounds. Throughout, these topics we will look at significant people from history such as Boudicca and Alfred the Great. Finally in the summer term we will move back to a Geography focus looking at Scandinavia with the focus being rivers.

In autumn term in Science we look at teeth and their names and many functions. This then ties in with our next topic of digestion as they are the first step within this process. Animals including humans is next which looks at habitats, animal groups and classification. Finally, in the summer term we will look at sound and magnets.


Class 7 – Monday and Wednesday

Class 8 - Tuesday

Weekly home learning tasks will be completed online using either Spelling Shed and/or Bug Club and/or Purple Mash.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Curriculum Map

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