St Gabriel’s Catholic Primary School Year 4 Pupils

Hello and a warm welcome to Year 4

Our class teachers are:

Class 8 - Mrs Lord, Mrs Danson

Class 9 - Miss Mason, Mrs Dawson


What an exciting year we have ahead!

Although we have lots of work to complete, I can assure you that we will do it with a smile on our faces…

In Maths the children will continue to develop their skills across the different areas in the curriculum. Initially, we will be focusing on our times tables and the four calculations along with fractions before moving onto decimals. Later on in the year, we will be looking at time, shape, coordinates and length, capacity and mass.

In English, we will initially will be studying ‘The Mousehole Cat’ by Antonia Barber focusing on setting description and diary entries. We will then move on to ‘The Lost Happy Ending’ by Carol Ann Duffy where we will look at character descriptions and write an alternative ending. During our rivers topic we will be reading the book The Snowflake, writing an explanation text and a setting description. We will start our Summer Term by looking at the legend of St George and the Dragon and will be completing a retell of the story along with writing a set of instructions about how to train a dragon!  Later on in the year we will be reading ‘The Magical Sword’ a short story related to the legend of King Arthur and we will be retelling the story from a different perspective, we will also look at traditional tales, looking at similarities and differences between English and Egyptian versions using the Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo.

Our Science topics this year will be; Teeth and digestion, looking at different types of teeth and how to look after them before moving onto how we digest our food. Our next topic will be States of Matter – looking at solids, liquids and gases, this will tie in nicely with our Water Cycle topic. Followed by electricity and how to make a complete circuit. As we enter the Summer Term we will be looking at Sound and Habitats.

The topics we will be studying this year will be the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings- we will be focusing on how their history has shaped Britain today. The following topic will be Rivers and how they shape our landscapes, with particular reference to the River Mersey. Later in the year, we will be studying the Ancient Egyptians.

We are extremely lucky this year as the Music Service will be working alongside us with the violins, violas and cellos – so lookout for future performances!

Year 4 is an important year for our children as they will have the opportunity to take part in the ‘With You Always’ program, where they will be given to opportunity to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion.

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Mrs Lord and Miss Mason

Extra Information

P.E. for Class 8  - Monday and Thursday

P.E. for Class 9 - Thursday and Friday

Please make sure they have their kit in school on these days. 

Homework will be given out every Friday -  1 piece of Maths, 1 piece of English and is to be returned in by the following Friday.

Year 4 have Music lessons every Tuesday - please make sure they have their instruments in school.








Maths - During our addition unit in Maths we played a loop game, the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


Science - For our science topics 'Electricity' Bright Sparks came in for the day and taught the classes lots about electricity. They used circuit boards and created many different circuits with switches, buzzers and motors. They even drew their own circuits sings the correct symbols! 


Latest Updates

We have now updated our Holidays & Events section of our website for this school year. Make sure you check it out.

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