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During November pupils studied various aspects of Judaism in one week.  Each year the pupils learn how their Jewish sisters and brothers live and what they believe as the theme develops.Below is a breakdown of the areas covered by each year group.  We were extremely fortunate to welcome Eric Cohen (a Jewish consultant) who enriched and deveoped the children's learning in this topic.


Age Group Theme Topic Look Learning Outcomes Respect
Early years
Special days/ritual objects Hanukkah (Chanukah) The feast of lights There are special days Hanukkah. The story of the oil lamp in the Temple God cares for his people
Year 1
FS 1
Stories Abraham and Moses We all have stories Abraham and Moses, leaders of the Jewish people How God led the Jewish people
Year 2
FS 2
Prayer/home Shabbat Families gather Shabbat Shabbat the day for God, the day of rest
Year 3 Places for worship The synagogue There are special places The synagogue The importance of the synagogue
Year 4 Holy Books The Torah Books are important The Torah The importance of the Torah
Year 5 Beliefs and festivals Pesach There are times for remembering Pesach God cares for his people
Year 6 Belonging and values Yom Kippur Making a new start Yom Kippur The value of atonement

Year 5 learning about Judaism and understanding why Jewish people celebrate Passover.


 Year 3 learning about Judaism with our Jewish visitor, Mr Eric Cohen.