St Gabriel’s Catholic Primary School Curriculum

(aspects being updated for 2019/20)

The ethos of the school is a crucial element in the delivery of the Curriculum. In St. Gabriel’s Catholic faith and Christian values are at the heart of our ethos. The Catholic school is essentially a community of faith, working in partnership with home and parish.

Mission Statement

Pray, Learn, Achieve and Celebrate Together


At St. Gabriel’s Primary we aim to provide a broad, experiential curriculum that meets the needs of all our children and which develops their skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work. In doing so, we are aware of the rapidly changing society in which our pupils are growing up in and try to prepare them for a world and a workplace which is likely to be beyond our own experience.

This means that every child in St. Gabriel’s is entitled to a curriculum that is:

  • Coherent from nursery, through primary and continuing to secondary education
  • Founded on sound learning and teaching practices which include well-planned activities and engaging learning experiences based on sound pedagogical research
  • Based upon developing skills and competences in English and Maths and an ability to make informed choices about their health and wellbeing
  • Real and relevant now and in the future

All staff have an awareness of their responsibility to build on our children’s capacity to become:

  • Successful learners
  • Confident individuals
  • Responsible citizens
  • Effective contributors

by developing their practice based on the 7 key principles:

  1. Challenge and enjoyment
  2. Breadth
  3. Progression
  4. Depth
  5. Personalisation and choice
  6. Coherence
  7. Relevance

By the time they leave St. Gabriel’s the curriculum will have provided opportunities for the children to explore the world around them.

The curriculum will provide opportunities for them to:

  • Visit a theatre
  • Visit a beach – build sandcastles, collect shells, paddle in the ocean
  • Visit a castle or stately home
  • Visit a museum
  • Visit an art gallery
  • Experience eating at a restaurant
  • Visit the cinema
  • Experience an adventure playground
  • Worked with an artist – sculpture, painter, textile, potter, photographer
  • Work with an author
  • Experience live music – classical, jazz, modern
  • Learn to play an instrument – cello, violin, guitar, recorder, keyboards etc.
  • Perform in public
  • Experience a residential holiday – climb a mountain, row across a lake, use a compass and map to navigate
  • Experience water sports
  • Hunt for mini beasts away from school
  • Build dens
  • Visit a zoo
  • Visit farm animals
  • Plant their own fruit and vegetables
  • Rear an animal
  • Learn to swim
  • Take part in competitive sports


The key aims for our curriculum are:

  • To have a clear focus on learning and teaching
  • To provide high quality teaching of core skills (English, Maths, Computing, Science, thinking skills, problem solving)
  • To assist children to be increasingly able to make an informed and mature response to God in faith and to nurture that faith in a community of prayer and values in action.
  • To develop in our children an awareness of their own personal strengths and encourage them to assume more responsibility for their progress.
  • To develop the key personal qualities of resilience, perseverance and a positive attitude to learning
  • To provide real contexts for learning and link learning to support children’s understanding of the world around them
  • To support parents/carers in providing real contexts where children can apply the skills they are learning in school
  • To encourage lifelong learning

Organising learning

The experience of our children will be based on sound pedagogy. We aim to develop our practice to offer opportunities for our children to develop through:

  • Active learning
  • Independent and collaborative learning
  • Problem solving through investigating and exploring

We aim to equip our children with the attitudes and skills which will allow them to make a positive contribution in the wider world. In the development of these attitude and skills, English and Maths will be at the fore. This will have implications for the organisation of our learning as follows.



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