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Class 8 – Year 3/4

Hi and Welcome to Class 8 - Year 3/4

Welcome to the learning journey for year 3/4, Class 8.

In English, Class 8 will learn to write in a variety of genres. We will be reading ‘Coming to England’ which tells the story of Floella Benjamin’s journey from Trinidad to England and will be writing letters from her to her grandmother. We will also have the chance to explore her story through creating dialogues, writing diary entries and writing about how we could welcome children to St Gabriel’s. We will also cover a range of punctuation and grammar for the year group.

In Maths, we will be recapping place value. The children will learn how to read, write, order and round numbers. We will also secure formal calculations for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In shape, we will look at identifying, comparing and ordering different angles before learning how to read and plot coordinates in the first quadrant. We will also be recapping our work on fractions from last term before moving on to comparing, ordering and calculating with decimals. We will also be converting between different measures and calculating with measures. Finally, we will be using bar and time graphs in statistics. In each unit of work, there will be opportunities for the children to apply their knowledge to solve reasoning and worded problems.

In RE, we will be finding out more about the Eucharist, Lent and Easter. The children will also be involved in Prayer and Liturgy within classes.

In Science, during Spring 1, we will be learning about why we have skeletons and about the different types of skeletons that animals have. We will also look at how muscles help us to move and investigate if people who have longer leg can jump the furthest. In Spring 2, we will recap our learning about plants from last term before learning about the life cycle of plants.

In the Spring Term, Class 8 will be learning about Italy, in Geography, which links to last term’s History work on the Romans and to the work they will do in DT, this term, on designing our own pizzas. Then in Spring 2 we will learn about Greece before we study the Ancient Greeks in the Summer Term, in History.

Our Computing topics will be desktop publishing in Spring 1 and in Spring 2 we will be continue to develop our programming skills from last term.

In PE, we will continue to have Premier Sports deliver our lessons. The children will develop their skills in net and wall games and invasion games with Year 3 continuing with their Swimming lessons.

In Art, the children will start the term with printing, linked to our work on Italy and the Romans before exploring the pottery of the Ancient Greeks in order to create their own 3D pots.

During the Spring Term, we will continue to talk about how to stay safe online and about our mental health and wellbeing, in RSHE.

In Spanish, we will find out about how Epiphany is celebrated in Spain, before learning to talk about our family. our hobbies and Easter

Whilst we have no specific unit of work in Music, this term, we will be listening to and performing songs related to our Easter Reflection and our Year 4 children will continue learning how to play their stringed instruments. Those children who have individual tuition will also continue with this, throughout the term.

As you can see, we have an amazing term ahead!

Our teachers in Class 8 - Year 3/4 are:
Mrs Boardman
Miss Isherwood
Mrs Boardman
Miss Isherwood

Typically, a day in Class 8 - Year 3/4 consists of:

Our doors open at 8.40 and your child will be welcomed with a smile as they enter class

Once in class, there will be morning work to be getting on with before we begin our Word Aware activities at 8:50am– please encourage your child to arrive at school as soon as possible as every minute counts.

English and Maths are taught daily and are followed by other exciting lessons: RE, RSHE, Computing, History, Geography, Science, Art, Design and Technology, PE, Music and Spanish throughout the week. Please see the newsletter to see our topics this term.

Break time – 10.00-11.15

Lunch time 12.30-1.15

The school day finishes at 3.20 when children can be collected from the classroom door.

Other general information:

P.E Days

Year 4 children have PE on a Tuesday and Wednesday. They can come to school in their PE kit – either navy shorts and a red t-shirt or a navy tracksuit and red t-shirt along with black trainers.

Year 3 children have PE on a Tuesday and can come to school in their PE kit – either navy shorts and a red t-shirt or a navy tracksuit and red t-shirt along with black trainers.

Year 3 have a Swimming on a Wednesday, after lunch. Girls need a one piece swimming costume and boys need swimming trunks or shorts. They will need a towel, goggles (if they need them) and a bag to put their swimming things in.

Library Days

Children can change their library books on a Friday.


Homework is handed out every Friday and needs to be returned the following Friday.

Each week the children will get Spellings, Maths and English/Reading homework. There are also times when projects linked to Science, Geography or History may be sent home.

We would like our class to be ‘Green Readers’; in order for that to happen we need to have over 90% of our class reading at least 3 times a week. Obviously, we would like to have 100% every week! Just remember to sign your child’s diary every time you hear them read.


I’m looking forward to an exciting year in Year 3/4 and am here to support your children in any way I can.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to speak to me at the classroom door at the end of the day, via Class Dojo or phone the school office and leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

This year your child is lucky enough to have access to Wigan Music Service on a Tuesday afternoon, when they will be learning to play either the viola, violin or cello. Can we ask you ensure your child brings in their instrument every Tuesday and tries to practise whenever possible at home?

Mrs Boardman

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