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SEND Provision

St Gabriel’s Catholic Primary School SEND Provision

Mrs Hughes – SENCO

I have been the school SENCO for a number of years and am also currently the Year 1 class teacher.

At St Gabriel’s we work hard to identify those children who need additional support for either their cognition and learning, communication and interaction, sensory or physical needs and social, mental and emotional health. This process of identification starts when your child enters our Preschool setting and continues for the length of time they are with us.

My role as SENCO is to:

  • Work with the Class teacher to advise and sign post resources and intervention programmes to use.
  • SENCO will monitor the intervention in place and the impact through the school tracking systems.
  • SENCO to review progress with parents, Class teacher and pupils on a half termly basis
  • After the Class Teacher, SENCO is the next contact point
  • SENCO and Pastoral Services will arrange referrals to outside agencies and complete any referral forms in conjunction with parents. Then keep you informed of dates and outcomes.
  • SENCO/Class teachers will discuss and review interventions in place. I am always available at the end of the school day at my classroom door and during parents evening or alternatively use the contact me button and I will get back to you as soon as i can.
Contact our SENCO officer Mrs Hughes.
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