St Gabriel’s Catholic Primary School Price Lists

Price List

School Meals                                      £2.20 per meal for pupils in Nursery and Key Stage 2

Free of charge for pupils awarded Free School Meals and Key Stage 1

Music                                                  £5.50 per lesson or £4.10 per lesson for Year 5 only

Nursery Additional Sessions               £12.00 per ½ day session

Breakfast Club                                    £1 per day

After School Club                               £2.00 until 4.30pm, or £6.00 until 5.45pm

Swimming                                           £3.00 towards transport costs per week

Snack                                                  £2.00 per week for a drink & snack (20p for drink per day, 20p for snack per day)

Trips                                                    Heavily subsidised from school budget, charge dependent on cost of trip, number of pupils and transport

Forest School                                      Forest experience and transport free of charge


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